Friday, May 21, 2010

Rest in Peace Abby

Last night my mom called to let me know my dog of 14 years had passed away. This is the first real time I've had to deal with a pet of my own dying. And I have to say it is like losing a member of the family.

We picked out Abby when I was 11-years-old. My sisters and I had agreed on a name before we even picked out a dog. So when I went with my mom to see a golden retriever puppy and we learned her name was Abby, the very name we had decided on. I convinced my mom it was fate and she was to be ours.

I have to admit she was an awfully naughty puppy. Chewing up so many things my dad threatened on multiple occasions to bring her to a farm. Luckily he never followed through on his threats and she grew into the most loyal sweet dog our family could ever ask for.

She was always there to give you dog kisses. She'd stay up late at night to keep my dad company while he read. Then when he went to bed she'd scratch at my door to sleep on the floor next to my bed all night. Even when I was away at college she would sometimes stick with this routine, sleeping in my empty room.

Abby was always under my mom's feet while she would be cooking. I think because she liked to be close to us, but mainly to catch any scraps. I can't really blame her though, my mom was a total sucker for her puppy dog eyes and would quite often throw a few treats her way.

She always looked like she was smiling a little dog grin. Maybe she was just panting from being tired, but I like to think she was happy when the whole family would get together.

She was the most loyal dog my family could ever ask for and we will remember her for that always.

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