Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Weekend: Long Dresses

Its finally Friday and I'm excited for the weekend!  If I had my way I'd lounge around in these gorgeous long dresses.  They look so comfy and flowey, not to mention elegant.

diego uchitel

Greg Sorensen

Photography by Diego Uchitel, Greg Sorensen, Luigi Cassinelli

Illustrator Linzie Hunter

Lately I've been playing with creating my own lettering and fonts, but Linzie brings it to a whole new inspirational level. So many different beautiful letters all in one picture, all so very light and whimsical. Makes me want to keep practicing so someday I can make something remotely close to similar.


I stumbled upon an old blog called New Resolution and I found it truly inspiring. While the blog hasn't been updated in quite some time, you can look back in the archives at non-traditional resolutions people submitted. I think I need to post a few of these on my wall at work to remind me to basically live life to the fullest.

Good Morning: Splish Splash

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Robbie Cooper's immersion collection of children playing video games is pretty creepy.  The fact that these kids can be so intently immersed in a game that they don't even acknowledge a camera taking pictures at eye level is amazing.

Good Morning: Red in Motion

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beautiful Shoe Storage

Having a tiny tiny closet, I've always had to resort to over the door shoe storage as well as my closet floor.  Not exactly very glamorous or pretty.  But someday I dream of beautiful shoe storage filled with gorgeous shoes.  I love this idea of using a cabinet with glass doors to store/display shoes.  You wouldn't even have to have built in storage.  It almost looks like art.  All you need is the sexy heels to put in it!

Recycled Cassette Tape Portraits

How amazing are these portraits made with recycled cassette tapes?!  See more on iri5's flickr stream.

Coldplay's Strawberry Swing

Last summer Coldplay's Strawberry Swing was one of my favorite songs.  Now they just released this playful animated music video for the song.  I really like the animation with the chalk drawings, but I'm torn as to whether it fits the song.  Watch it here and decide for yourself.

Good Morning: Nostalgic Memories

Monday, July 27, 2009

Photographer Camilla Akrans

I'm in serious love with these photographs by Camilla Akrans.  So colorful and stylish and they make me wish I were at the beach right now.  I think I'm also drawn to them because they make me think of Anthropologie....definitely styled the same way.

{via Oh Joy!}

Good Morning: Yellow Transportation

Friday, July 24, 2009

Amazing Wedding Entrance

I love that this couple had fun with their special day and made it their own.  

{thanks Katie!}

Pottery Barn Catalog

Ever since I've been tight on cash I've cut myself off from home decor items.  I figured I had gotten my apartment to a good place that it felt homey enough without having to spend more money.  Of course there is still plenty I could buy to make it nicer, but in this economic climate I just can't justify it.  

So of course it was a big mistake to open the Pottery Barn catalog that I usually chuck straight in the trash to avoid temptation.  Instantly there were so many things I just needed.  I must say I was surprised that Pottery Barn had a few nice pieces of wall art that are reasonable.  Below are a few items and decorating concepts I fell in love with.

These etched monogramed glass jars sitting on the shelves are great.  I don't even think Pottery Barn sells them, but I love the idea for chic organization.  Also I've always been a fan of the globe lights.  I had talked to my sister about hanging several of them in a cluster in place of a chandelier in their dining room.  And while the consensus was it wouldn't work in that room, I still really like the concept of it.

I want a clothes pin collage like this above my bed or desk.

These charcoal sketches on stretched canvas would be a great accent in most rooms and is only $79 and $99.

This metal patchwork sign has great patterns and glimpses of typography.  

These typewriter prints are so great and would match almost anything.  Each print is a 12x12 square and they come in a set of 6 for $99.  You can easily group them together or break them up.  I'm tight on cash, but $99 for 6 pieces of wall art, I'm beyond tempted.

Good Morning: Make a Splash

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Will Arnett's Book Reading

I'm in love with Will Arnett (especially in Arrested Development) and this video of him reading Judy Blume's Are You There God? It's Me Margaret is just too funny.  Its a good afternoon pick-up.  

say "I do" to Georgetown's J.Crew

I have no intention of getting married anytime soon, (I have to say that so as not to freak out the boyfriend) but loving all things J.Crew this caught my interest.  Of course I've looked at the wedding collection online before and thought it was beautiful.  All the dresses are very classy and simple and not too bad price wise considering.  And I'm a huge online shopper.  But I would never order my wedding dress online.  So I've always kind of written J.Crew's wedding collection off.  But that has all changed because now you can make an appointment at the Georgetown store to view their line!  So if you are getting married anytime soon call Theresa at 202.965.4090.

A Few Little Random Things

I like the idea of having a framed illustrated recipe in your kitchen.  Maybe a family recipe or a recipe you make often and are known for.
{via decor8)

I've never really thought about wrapping gifts in fabric, but I really like the reusable green aspect of it.  They are printed on 100% organic fabrics with soy-based inks.  And its two gifts in one, which is a fun bonus!

These are great drawers, perfect for jewelry or little knick knacks.  And of course I'm drawn to the typography!

{via Oh Joy!}

Good Morning: Lost in Thought

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