Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was an amazingly beautiful weekend in DC. Besides the short thunderstorm on Friday I barely spent any time indoors, which equates to the perfect weekend to me!

Friday night I had a girls night where we all brought ingredients to make pizza and watched a chick flick. The perfect activity when its the end of the week and storming outside.

Saturday we spent the day at Breaux Vineyards in Virginia with a group of friends. It was seriously on of the most perfect days. We do this sort of thing almost every other weekend in the summer and I highly recommend it as the perfect group activity out of the city.

I made to share with the group strawberry crumb bars from the strawberries I purchased at the farmers market. You are allowed to bring outside food as long as you don't sit on the patio so we all brought our own picnics. (Recipe adapted from this blueberry crumb bar recipe)

It was dog day at the vineyard so we brought Max along. (Though you can bring your dogs any day) He ended up chewing through his leash when we weren't looking and we had no choice but to let him run free. Luckily he makes friends easily and by the end of the day half the vineyard knew him by name.

Relaxing at the vineyard.

I was sneaky and got a group shot from afar.

Several rows of grapes were open for us to roam up and down with. So I ran back and forth with max.

Katie with max in tow.

Max loved running up and down the vineyard rows.

Sunday we took our bikes to Rock Creek Park. I had never been, but there are some amazingly beautiful bike/walking paths.

The paths run along with a creek which makes it extra beautiful and relaxing.

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