Monday, November 30, 2009

Lisa Mitchell: Clean White Love

I love this video.  This video makes me want to get bangs, wear leggings and red rain boots and write lots of love letters.

Good Morning: Passing Time By

Friday, November 27, 2009

Beginning of the Holiday Season

Happy Black Friday!  Hope you are recovering well from your food coma and not getting swallowed alive by the shopping crowds.  I'm headed out with the family but wanted to share this little video.

Since it is officially the beginning of the holiday also means its time to watch Elf!  I caught part of it last night with my family and thought I'd share one of the best scenes.  Buddy discovering New York City.  Enjoy! 

Good Morning: Happy Shopping

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Macy's Day Parade

As I sit curled up on the couch watching the Macy's Day Parade, I can't help but think how long this tradition has gone on.  Well before I was watching as a little one and well before my favorite movie Miracle on 34th Street came out.  Honestly I could do without so many of the cheesy lip singing ballads and could do with a few more traditional floats.  I can't help but wonder what it would be like to be in New York in the 1930s with the first Mickey Mouse balloon.  These pictures give a little glimpse at what it must have been like.

Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.  I'm off to spend time with my family and enjoy some good food.

Good Morning: Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Creepy Santa

Ok I know its technically not the Christmas season yet. And we still have Thanksgiving later this week. But I just couldn't hold onto this gold mine for that long when my friend Jasmine sent this to me this morning. And I'm pretty sure Santa is already taking up his post at the malls.

So now that I've justified that....take a look at these amazingly creepy Santas. I too would be disturbed and crying if I had to sit on the lap of one of these guys. Enjoy more here as well as entertaining commentary.

Good Morning: Portrait of a Woman

Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday! Thank goodness it is only a three day week, I am so antsy for another weekend. Luckily this weekend was a good one for both fun and relaxation.

My friend won a free stay at the fancy Aloft hotel out by Dulles. So we made a girls night of it. The hotel is super modern and fun. We were slightly caught off guard when we walked into the lobby and they had a dj with blaring music and a pretty random crowd. Not exactly the relaxing girls night we had planned. But it was still an extremely nice hotel to stay in.

The cool light fixtures in the hallway.

I'm a nerd, but I loved that they had bliss products in the bathroom.

Can't really tell from this picture but the elevators had floors with the blue gel stuff in it. Every time we got in it was super fun to play with. We are pretty sure whoever mans the elevator security cameras thought we were total nerds.

Saturday we decided to check out Village Winery. This winery is an extremely chill family operation with the owner manning the tastings. None of this fancy stuff with huge tasting areas and ten people working. It was just the owner and his wine. And it was fantastic. Tastings are free with a suggested $3 donation. I highly suggest the sweet apple wine made from a variety of apples for $12 a bottle.

They also make Elderberry syrup and beverage mix. He had us try about 10 different ways to mix and serve it. My favorite was combined with apple wine and mulled hot like cider. He also listed off all the health benefits of eating elderberry provides. I'm not much of a scientific person, but if I can eat something that good every day and stay healthy thats fine by me.

We also did a little photo shoot for my friend's headshot. It is for her food writing so we played with the food theme a little bit.

Saturday night I went out with a group of friends to Atomic Billiards in Cleveland Park. This is a great dive bar with all kinds of games. We played about 4 rounds of pool and while I had a ton of fun playing, I've decided I totally suck. I was lucky I kept all the balls on the table, lets just put it that way.

Afterwards we headed to Hawk 'n' Dove on the hill for one last drink.

Sunday I spent the day partaking in a DC Thanksgiving Dinner with friends. I used to do this with friends in college every year and I'm so happy the tradition has followed to DC. The faces may be a little different through the years but it is still good food, great company and a lot of fun. After consuming way too much food I spent the rest of the day in food coma. Hopefully I'll recover by Thursday to do it all over again!

Good Morning: Thanksgiving is almost here!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Have a Glorious Weekend!

Have a glorious weekend! This week was exhausting with tons of craziness at work. So I'm extremely excited to get out of the city tonight and to have a DC Thanksgiving dinner with friends on Sunday.

Anthropologie Home Decor

Full disclosure I probably visit the Anthropologie website on a daily basis. Maybe more than that. But its not too often that I make it over to the home section. Don't get me wrong I love their home decor and the whole eclectic look they have going on. Its just that my wallet is usually hurting by the time I get done with the clothes section I can't go any further.

This past week when I made one of my rare visits over to the home decor section and was totally surprised and delighted. Since the last time I had browsed through their home knick-knacks, they had seriously expanded their line. I've always loved their eclectic look in the store, but they never offered half the stuff you would see in their sets and catalogs. But now all of a sudden the vintage random artistic look is more within reach with all kinds of beautiful random vases and statues and such. A lot of it is still well out of reach of my decorating budget. But at least it offers little bit more inspiration and something else for me to dream about.

(look at the hanging lights and random collage of mirrors!)

Small Swirled Glue Bowls (perfect for an art table, candy dish, or key holder)

Kate Spade

I know I've been totally neglecting my blog this week. Its been a pretty hectic week of work getting ready for the holidays and all. But I promise to make it up to you by posting fun stuff for Friday. Starting with Kate Spade.

Why hello there adorable Kate Spade holiday pictures. How I love your styling, and clothes, and colors, and everything about you!

I absolutely love these cut out letters for the title of Gift Guide. Made me think of possibly doing the same thing on Christmas presents this year with people's names instead of tags.

I love the watercolor illustrations of Kate Spade's identity and I think this calendar might make it into my wishlist this year with gorgeous colorful fashion sketches for every month.

This chilly dog scarf will be your new best friend on a cold night.

A warm scarf perfect for caroling in the freezing cold.

Adorable gloves, perfect for hailing a taxi in the city.

And last, but certainly not least Kate Spade is holding a sweepstakes to win a trip for two to New York. Even the graphics on this page are so pretty. Also you can enter every day, so make sure to stack the deck in your favor by visiting back often.

Good Morning: Lonely Moment

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

House on a Rock

So my friend Katie forwarded me this house built on a rock.  Its a mass email of sorts that has been floating around.  And while I usually am not a huge fan of mass forwarded emails, this one is extremely fun.  And not like most emails I get.

The Clingstone is a mansion in Rhode Island that was built 103 years ago.  Can you imagine!  Not only is it a house built on a rock, but it was built over a 100 years ago.   The owners run it sort of like a camp in that one week out of the year tons of family volunteers come and do work/maintenance on the house.  They also let some people stay at the house for a week in the summer in exchange for labor.  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me, where do I sign up.

The interior of the house is just as stunning as the exterior with all 23 rooms filled with huge picture windows taking in the view.  Can you imagine living in a house with every single room has a stunning view?  I can't even appropriately describe with words, so instead I'll let you look at the beautiful pictures.  

Since I received this via email I don't have any links or photo credits.  If you happen to know of any please send them my way.
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