Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm on Twitter! And a few other new things...

First things First........I'm finally on twitter!!! At first I was putting it off because I didn't understand the value. And then I just couldn't find a good handle. But I finally committed and made the jump.

So make sure to follow me at DesigningInDC

Also I'm sure you noticed the new blog header. And sort of a new name, thats kind of what I'm in the midst of working on.

I know I've been very on and off since I got sick in January. Which makes me sad because this blog used to be part of my daily routine that I really enjoyed. And then everything kind of got thrown into disarray when I ended up in the hospital. And I've been struggling to get back into routine. But another reason why my attention has been pulled elsewhere is because I've been really focusing on expanding my new freelance business.

Design District is the new name for my design business and I'm currently working on getting my full portfolio website up and running. Once that happens I hope to revamp the look of my blog as well. But for now at least I have a new header! Also I've been mulling over where I want to go with the content of my blog. It will definitely stay the same topics but I'd really like to reign it in a little to be more personal about what I'm working on or experiencing in DC. So we shall see!

I've also put some of my design work on flickr while I get my portfolio up. I hope you will check it out!

I know I've pulled the disappearing act several times as I've been dealing with my health, but I'm really excited about everything I have in the works. And I hope this is the start of something even better than before!

And just one more time: follow me on twitter!

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