Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainbow Birthday Cake!

A few weeks ago was my nephew's first birthday and my sister and I thought it would be fun to make a rainbow cake. It started out in our minds pretty simple of just separating the batter into different pans and putting food coloring in each one. I have to say it did not turn out that easy, but still totally worth it. We basically had a full ROYGBIV cake (minus the indigo). And it looked completely awesome when we cut into it. I was slightly creeped out by consuming all that food coloring and eating unnaturally bright food, but a few weeks later I still seem to be fine.

We used a basic yellow cake recipe and tripled it for all the layers. Then had to bake 2 layers per shift because that was all we could fit. My sister made a basic buttercream frosting and did all the layering with frosting separating each color. Now if only my nephew were old enough to appreciate all the work!

A full slice of ROYGBIV Cake.

He may not appreciate the work that went into the cake, but I do think he enjoyed eating it. Even if half of it ended up on him.

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