Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DC Jury Duty

As luck would have it, I got picked to serve on a case as a juror. I'm beginning to think I can't catch a break! I guess thats what I get for thinking what are the odds I'd get picked and have to miss even more work!

On the bright side the whole legal system is a really interesting process. Nothing like you see on tv. I'm in the midst of it right now so I can't say anymore, but I will offer a few tips if you do get called. Which if you live in DC its only a matter of time.

-I got there around 7:45 AM and the line was already down the hall and back again. I probably waited in line for at least 30 minutes. So I'd recommend either getting there earlier than that or a little bit later.

-I did not realize this before, but you can bring your laptop with you and they have free wifi. Though if you have a laptop like mine that only has a 2 hour battery I'd recommend getting there early to stake a plug against the wall in the jurors lounge.

-I assumed they were strict about food and skipped my morning coffee. But almost everyone waiting in line was sipping coffee and I was oh so jealous. They say food is not allowed in the jurors lounge, but I'd definitely recommend grabbing a coffee on your way as you wait in line. You'll probably finish it while waiting anyway.

-It is freezing in the whole building. So bring layers because I was sitting there in my trench the whole time shivering.

-I had read there was a dress code and not to wear jeans or sweats or anything. But I would say half the people were in jeans. And I was oh so jealous of their comfy attire as I sat there in my work dress and tights. I'm definitely dressing it down from here on out.

-Unfortunately I can't offer any strategies on how to not get chosen for a case. As I am exhibit A.

So needless to say right when I was getting back to blogging, I get pulled away again! Hopefully this whole process will be quick and painless and I'll be back in no time.

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