Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Lately I've seen Moomah, a creative arts cafe for children and their parents, everywhere. First I saw the creative logos and packaging designed by Apartment One in HOW Magazine's design annual. I instantly fell for their identity made up of whimsical collages. And I thought what a great idea for a cafe. A space where parents and their children can spend time together and be creative.

Then I stumbled upon pictures of the interior. Which I realized, this is exactly how I would have imagined it. Collages of artwork, missed match furniture of various materials, and spaces to relax and be creative.

Looking at their website I just love the whole concept of this cafe. A place like this would be really popular in DC and many other cities. They believe in serving foods that are locally grown as well as encouraging kids to try new foods. Their menu is clever with items like yummus and a dish called the super tryer where kids choose 6 items to try.

I think their motto says it best, " A place of sweet whimsy, wonder and warmth, moomah is a creative playscape, a cozy cafe, a living classroom, a quiet hideaway, an art oasis, your meeting spot. Your favorite place to be together, and a place for your child to simply be." I just really love the whole concept and think it would be great in other cities. Below are more pictures of the interior and their branding.

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