Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Back!/Weekend in Pictures is Back!

I'm back I'm back I'm back! And almost healthy. I know I took an extensive hiatus. Recovering from surgery and working from home proved to be a lot for me. And I just didn't feel like myself. Part of it the medicine and part of it was I just didn't have energy to be myself. But this past week was my first week back in the office. And this weekend was my first weekend to really get out and about with friends. It felt amazing. I've been sick for three months now and its been a really rough road. But I think I'm at the end of it for now. My surgery wasn't a cure, just a quick fix for now. But hopefully I'll be good for a while. Which means....I'm back! And this weekend was the perfect weekend to be back.

Friday night I checked out the new restaurant Liberty Tree on H street, NE. They serve American Fare at pretty reasonable prices. To be honest they really have the tables packed in there. I felt like I was part of about 4 different tables conversations. And their menu seemed to be a little bit all over the place. But the food was delicious and it was a good price. So while it isn't an instant favorite, I'll for sure be back.

Then we headed over to H Street Country Club where I whooped some butt in skeeball with my friends. I'm pretty sure we spent about $20 in quarters playing. I am really digging bars with games like skeeball and shuffleboard these days. And H street has both that and good cocktails. Since it was my first night out drinking in 3 months I stuck to one drink. But I must say their guava lime margaritas are to die for. A little sweet. But still amazing.

Saturday was the most amazingly beautiful day ever. And I think every single person in DC was outside. I headed down to Old Town Alexandria with a friend. We had a picnic by the water and then just relaxed in the sun. Afterwards we got ice cream. First ice cream of the season. Man am I excited for Spring and Summer!

Saturday night I went out with my girlfriends to Bar Pilar close to 14th and U, NW. I think this is my new favorite bar as it felt exactly like the bars I would frequent during my semester in Barcelona. Really intimate and cozy for sure. We also indulged in some white wine sangria which was amazing. I checked out their brunch menu and it looks both delicious and reasonably priced. So its on the list for a future Sunday morning.

A pitcher of white wine sangria = amazing.

Sunday morning I had brunch with several girlfriends at Co Co Sala, the chocolate bar. I ordered some sort of philly flatbread thing which ended up being extremely heavy. And I wished that I had tried the chocolate french toast thing instead. There is always next time though.

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