Monday, December 7, 2009

30% Off J.Crew Outerwear

I have an unhealthy obsession with J.Crew coats. Ever since I invested in my first cold weather staple three winters ago, a black double cloth lady coat, I've never looked back. I now own three J.Crew winter staples and my original black coat still looks crisp, timeless and brand new like the day I bought it.

I have to put a plug in for the wool/nylon material they use in many (though not all) of their coats because it is amazing. All my past winter jackets would pill and attract all human and dog hair in a 10 mile radius. By the end of the season my coat had seen a much better day and I had to make the investment all over again the next winter. This is the third winter I've pulled out my black coat and you would never know that I wore it for about 4 straight months last winter and the winter before. So you my scoff at the price of J.Crew's outerwear, but I'm averaging less than a dollar a day on wear. I also always say during the winter months most people see your outerwear, not what you are wearing under it. So you might as well make it cute.

So now on to the outerwear sale. I'm a bit ill with myself because I know that J.Crew does an outwear sale every year around this time. Always 30% off all their coats and jackets. And yet I just HAD to purchase my tan ruffle coat a few months ago, because I just couldn't live without it. True I've gotten a lot of good wear out of it over the last few months, but they don't say good things come to those who wait for nothing. So for those of you who were patient, I highly recommend this ruffle-front coat below. It isn't as thick as some of their other coats, which is fine for DC. But I absolutely love the fit and length. Looks great with minis and tights, which is 80% of what I'm wearing these days.

Double Cloth Lady Coat originally $298 now $208
This is the coat that started it all for me. The cut is very classy and timeless, which is obvious as they keep bringing it back every year. A great investment for your winter wardrobe.

*I'd recommend if you have your eye on a J.Crew coat in a popular size and color to purchase it now. Discount wise this is usually as good as it gets. And the discounts don't get any better unless it is a more unusual color. For staple colors, go for it now.

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