Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Few Favorite Good Mornings

Looking back at my blog over the past year, I realized I've been doing good morning posts since the second week in January. So for almost a year now. The point of the post was just to start off the day with a creative or beautiful picture. Usually something relevant to the time of year or my mood, though not always. I find that looking at other peoples photography is a great source of inspiration for myself.

So I thought I'd go back through my year of Good Morning pictures and pick a few favorites. It is interesting to look at what kinds of photographs I gravitate towards. Usually they include a human element. Sometimes vintage colors. Below are a few of my favorite pictures I've featured throughout the year. I love all the pictures I've used through the year, but these really jumped off the screen for me. Feel free to have a look through and pick out your own.

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