Friday, December 11, 2009

Creative Gift Wrapping and Tags

Besides the fun of actually giving gifts, I absolutely love creatively wrapping gifts. Whether it be pretty paper, big fabric ribbons or something a little more creative. I actually enjoy wrapping gifts. Which is why my Dad probably hefts the burden onto me every year. He always conveniently knows when I seem to be wrapping my gifts like he is listening for the sound of cutting paper and tearing tape. Then he conveniently asks hey while you are at it would you mind doing these as well. Like I said its a good thing I enjoy it.

Anyways I searched the web for some fun ideas and cute tags to add to your Christmas wrapping job. Maybe something a little bit different than the curly ribbon and stick on tags. Country Living has a few really fun ideas with instruction included on their website. Jump below for other accessories I found on the web. And happy wrapping!

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