Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anthropologie Accessories

Ok so I know I go on and on about Anthropologie. I promise they aren't paying me to (though that would be freaking sweet and half my paycheck goes to them anyways). I just can't get over how creative they are! Their latest in awe inducing campaigns are below. Putting jewelry in snowglobe type jars. Drawing pictures around items in their marvels and wonders section and putting accessories in ice.

Can you imagine when somebody came up with the idea in a brainstorming meeting and was like how about we freeze our scarves and socks. I can't imagine the trial and error of freezing their merchandise either. Or getting the jewelry not to distort in the glass jars. If you can't tell, I love thinking about process when looking at creative ideas. Especially when it is something innovative that you know they had to just try a lot of different things until they were successful.

Anyways backtracking now, below are a few pictures of their latest creative work. Hope you find it as fun and inspirational as I do!

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