Friday, February 5, 2010

24 inches of cold wet stuff headed your way

By now all the milk, bread, and toilet paper is probably cleaned out of every store within a 50 mile radius of the district. And everybody is freaking out that snopocalypse is hitting DC. So once the snow actually does start and you hunker down, what to do with yourself? Movies and eating rolls of raw cookie dough can only get you so far.

Friday and Saturday night (starting at 6 pm) several bars on H street, NE are taking $1 off drinks for every 6 inches it snows. I'm definitely thinking of hitting this up Saturday night once I've gone completely stir crazy. If we get 24 inches of snow thats $4 off each drink! Participating bars/restaurants include Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar, Palace of Wonders, The Red and the Black, Sticky Rice, the Pug, and Jimmy Valentine's. Note there is a $2 minimum for drinks so if we end up getting insane amounts of snow you still won't be drinking for free!

Brightest Young Things is organizing another snowball fight. Hopefully this one won't be quite so infamous. This time they are meeting at Logan Circle Friday night at 9:00 pm. Considering this is when the snow is going to be heaviest it could get quite epic. If you want to wait until daylight so that you can see your targets, I'd suggest the snowball fight happening in Dupont Circle at 2:00 on Saturday. I've also heard rumors there will be snowball fight part two on 14th and U.

Nakid is also putting together a game of snowy kickball with a snowball fight on the side. Just head to Smithsonian Metro stop on Saturday at 3:00.

If sledding is more your thing We Love DC writer Cathy came up with a good list of hills in and outside of the city. She even has a list of sled alternatives, because lets face it all the Targets and drug stores are long sold out by now. (Though I did hear rumors that Frager's on Capitol Hill would have more in early this morning so get your butt over there if you are serious about sledding)

In the mood to build a snowman? Jackson 20 in Old Town Alexandria is having a sculpture contest in their courtyard. Free cider and hot chocolate for all and the winner gets a free dinner entree. Judging starts at 5 pm.

Unsure which restaurants are braving the blizzard and keeping their doors open? Well my good friend Katie came up with an extensive list including lots of snow deals. Because we all need a little incentive to trudge out in the cold. And bonus there is a google map included! This is why I love her.

Also if you want to know what is NOT happening this weekend because of the snow, Going Out Gurus are compiling a list of everything that is being canceled.

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