Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Important Issues Of Our Day: Nail Polish

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courtesy of 'B_Zedan'

Lovely to meet you, I'm Katie. And while I usually write about food, I'm happy to have an excuse to write about the subject that has been weighing heavily on my mind recently. Nail polish. Not just any nail polish, generally I have conquered nail polish, like traditional pinks, reds, even dark purples and blacks. I feel naked in the winter without a nice red (I love Essie's Lollypop red right now.)but I'm ready to branch out into uncharted nail polish territory.

Lately I've been feeling yellow. I realize that this is going to make me lose credibility, but I got inspired after seeing Callie on The Real World: DC, with her cute yellow nail polish she wears all the time. Now, before you go getting all weird on me and thinking I'm crazy, I'm not thinking neon yellow. None of this:

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'Too bad shadows are always gray.'
courtesy of 'Giulio Menna'

More like this: (Forgive the weird flickr picture, but the yellow is ahhhhdorable.)

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'Precision The Next "It" Girl'
courtesy of 'aprilrobin'

You see what I mean? Isn't that so cute?! AAAHHH.

The other thing I'm dying to try is different colors on different nails. I've got two examples for you - the first from BleuBird Vintage (must-read blog)

And then look at this example from American Apparel.

I'm dying of the cute. (Well, and cabin fever, but we're focusing on nail polish here people.)

Also, I'll have you know Lauren Conrad from The Hills (she may not be able to write for crap, but I enjoy her fashion sense) was pimping it recently too, with navy and red alternating.

Oh, and this was the picture that started it all for me:

So, between yellow and multicolored, the possibilities for spring nail colors are endless, and far more creative than I ever thought I'd be. Who is up for a painting party?

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