Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Major Olympic Events Tonight

I've been totally loving the winter olympics this year. Part of it is that I'm stuck at home so I've watched every single event. But I think also part of it is that I was lucky enough to go to a couple events in Torino in 2006. Once you catch that Olympic bug, its hard to shake. I have to say it is honestly a major thrill just being there.

Tonight's lineup of events is really solid. I am most excited about the halfpipe (one of the events I went to in Torino). Seeing Shaun White win gold last year and hearing about all the new tricks he has been working on since then, it will be fun to see what he pulls out tonight. Other events tonight include Men's Speed Skating with Apolo Ohno chasing his seventh gold medal and Women's Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn competing in her first of many events since being injured.

Since I've been reminiscing so much about my trip to the 2006 Olympics I thought I'd share a few pictures. Check your local listing to see when the games will be airing.

Pictured above are Canadian Snowboarders Brad Martin and Hugo Lamay. Looks like only Brad Martin is returning to the Vancouver Olympics this year so it will be fun to see how he does this time around.

Torino Olympic Halfpipe

Torino Olympic Torch

Torino Olympic Halfpipe

Torino Olympic Halfpipe

Torino Olympic Luge

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