Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Style Essentials a la Katie


Katie again. Because I'm bored, and sick of the snow, and wishing for warm weather, I decided I should think about spring styles. I was laying in bed dreaming of better weather and chic wardrobes: nights out with friends in skirts, beer on patios in strapless tops, strolls through Dupont Circle in sundresses. I curled up with my collection of Anthropologie and J. Crew catalogs and went through them lusting after spring and gorgeous clothes, carefully studying each page. As I was doing this, I realized I should probably make a look book with all of my favorites, and then decide what essentials I was missing from the looks that I love. I started by cutting out all my favorites:

Cut Outs

And then arranged them by work and play. The work looks should take up most of my wardrobe, since I've got some exciting things happening in my career, both full-time and my freelance writing. Both of my jobs require stylish, upscale looks, and so that is where I put most of my focus. These are the looks that really stood out for work.

Work Looks

I also pulled out a few play outfits. Outfits to wear out at night, or outfits to do things in on the weekends.

Weekend Looks

The first thing I did was pull my overall favorites. The must-haves, the absolutes. I loved this work look, and want to replicate it with pieces I already have in my own closet.

Love this work look

I also love this cardigan. SO MUCH. I am buying it just as soon as it goes up on sale. Rebecca promises to keep an eye out for me. I think it's perfect for spring and summer, I just can't bring myself to spend $128 on one piece that isn't a suit or another lifetime investment.


Everyone who has met me knows that my signature style is large cocktail rings. I buy them cheaply because I go through them crazy fast, I've got some favorites that I'll wear over and over, but mainly they're like a firework, large, sparkly, pretty, and then I'm over them. So I tend to buy them all either on sale, or from Forever 21. It's a strategy I've learned to love since it always keeps my feeling trendy without being broke. Anyways, I'm newly obsessed with this J.Crew glass cut ring.


I searched around a little to find a replica. This one in blue is not quite it, but it's still gorgeous, I might need to make it mine. And then I found this Vast Square ring, and if you get it in the cream, it's very similar to the J.Crew look.

After that I started looking for patterns in what I liked. I noticed that I was drawn to the brown belts over cardigans.

Must-have belt

So, of course, I went off in search of one that would be like those, but not quite as spendy. I came across this wide, woven belt from Forever 21 (where else!?) (God bless you F21 for replicating all my favorites.) I also fell in love with this more unique Jennie Woven belt that looked similar to some of the Anthropologie styles.

The next thing I noticed was that I love the long cardigan. It was in tons of the pictures that I pulled.

Essential Cardigan

So, off I went to find a cheaper alternative. (This snow storm is giving me way too much free time! Gettin' spendy over here.) So I headed to Target. Cause Target is great for basics. I found this Converse cardigan that looks a bit weather worn and is the perfect length and color. Good ol' Forever 21 had this really cute ruffle sweater that I think I might HAVE to try... how cute is this?

My final must-have of the spring is a ruffle blouse. While I have lots of them from Winter, I think a pale pink is in order for summer.

Ruffle Blouse

On the back of my US Weekly this week (there was all kinds of dirt on Bachelor Jake's final four ladies that I HAD TO READ.) Target advertised a super cute ruffle blouse that they still have in black. But I am sort of stuck on this coral color of spring, so I kept looking. I found the PERFECT Dramatic Ruffle Blouse from Ann Taylor Loft, it's work and weekend appropriate. The spring coral will look fine with my pale winter skin and it's exactly what I'm looking for.

Basically, this was a super productive afternoon. I identified all my favorite looks, found them for less, and am on my way to sipping margaritas on the roof of Lauriol Plaza looking stylishly sophisticated. If only this snow would melt... like, now.

Oh. Right. I forgot about this:

Kitty says wear fur

"I am unimpressed with your shennanegans, all you need is fur. Kthanks."

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