Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fol Chen: Cable TV

Hello Inspiration DC fans, it's Jasmine and I am all set to carry on the IDC legacy while Rebecca is recovering (good, healing vibes are coming your way, Rebecca!).

As you can tell from Rebecca' pics below, we are all snowed in here in DC. This cold and snow can be beautiful, but I am a summer girl through and through, so I've been spending my time mentally being somewhere else. Somewhere warm, with bright colors. And maybe dancing in empty pools. Yeah, that would be nice.

This video is from a group called Fol Chen, on the Asthmatic Kitty label (which was started by Sufjan Stevens, whose name is a little more recognizable). I'm not a huge fan of their other stuff, but this video is really enjoyable.

I really like the stop-motion (or maybe they just took out every other frame, who knows), but I especially appreciate the blue skies and palm trees in the video. I realize that they are singing about going inside and watching TV, which I have been doing plenty of lately, but I prefer to imagine being outside and maybe listening to this song in my car with the windows rolled down. Much nicer, right?

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