Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy Wine

Mel Melcon/ Los Angeles Times

My boyfriend sent me a really interesting article from the LA Times this week about Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy Label expanding into the wine business.  Not only that, but selling their wine at Whole Foods.  

His favorite line from the article, as well as mine:
"The truth is I admire Audigier's audacity in challenging the wisdom that a brand image must convey some kind of verity about the product, however slight.  I mean, Cabernet Sauvignon at Whole Foods?  How skate punk is that?"

It will be interesting to see the demographic that buys this wine at Whole Foods as it certainly won't be the preteens purchasing their overpriced t-shirts at the mall.  I understand the idea of wanting to create an edgy wine that will appeal to those who are not wine drinkers.  But is that demographic really shopping at Whole Foods?  

I don't doubt that this could really take off, I mean they've successfully expanded their brand into so many other irrelevant markets.  If you can expand your skate punk party all night brand into toothpaste, then I'm pretty sure you have a good thing going.  I'm just curious to see exactly who will help it take off by purchasing their wine.  Who knows maybe I'll even be tempted to pick up a bottle for the kick ass label next time I'm at Whole Foods.  Then again as a twenty something professional who is just trying to get by, I don't tend to shop at Whole Foods very often.

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