Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Creative Birth Announcements

So my sister had her baby today, which is very exciting.  Yay!  Another little boy.  I'm keeping the details to myself for now because I want to give them a chance to tell all of their family and friends.  

But because I still have baby on my mind, I thought a post about birth announcements would be appropriate.  I'm excited to be designing my sister's announcements and have been gathering inspiration, so below are a few creative concepts I really like.  This also gives you a glimpse on how I brainstorm as half of these are not actual baby announcements but just looks I like.  Enjoy!

I obviously could never do this perforated concept myself, but I love the uniqueness of it.  I also like the way they used the initials of his name.

So I know Richard Perez's Things I Like Poster is not a baby announcement.  But I like the idea of using this color scheme and look of large block words to create something similar.

This is not an announcement either, but I love the color scheme and some how incorporating the egg shape or hatched egg somehow.  I'm a huge fan of using unique shapes for announcements and the little bird footprints are also a cute touch.

Tiny Prints has a ton of cute announcements you can customize and order.

I love all the different patterns and creative use of typography.  Since it is in a different language though, I am not sure how well they are getting the information across.

This is actually a wedding invitation but I like the concept of using a tall column of text in different weights with scalloped lines in between.  Very classy and clean.

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