Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two Person Segway

PC Magazine is reporting on a new joint venture by GM and Segway.  It is called the Project P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) and is basically a two person Segway, reaching speeds of 35 mph and lasting 25 to 35 miles per charge.  This model is still a prototype though and there is no word as to when they will actually go into production.

I can't even imagine what this means for the future of both electric cars and DC tourism.  During the summer months our sidewalks are overtaken by Segway tours and rented Segways.  Could this be the next best way to tour the capitol?  

Also in general car terms, this electric car is looking more and more like the future of personal electric pods that my friends and I always talk about.  Someday we won't even have to drive, but just punch in an address and have our personal pod take us there.  Someday.

{via HOW}

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