Monday, April 27, 2009

My Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a good weekend!  I feel like I am still recovering from enjoying all the gorgeous weather.  If it could just stay like this the rest of the summer and not get any hotter that would be great! 

Had dinner down at the Georgetown Waterfront.  It was insane how many people were out and about enjoying the nice weather.  The Waterfront is one of my favorite people watching spots with a mixture of tourists, georgetown socialites, and people way past their prime going out to hit the clubs.

Headed to Turner's parents place on the Maryland shore.  It was amazing to get out of the city and lounge around on their back porch.  

Walked around town where they had tons of quaint shops and restaurants.

Had dinner at the Crab Clam restaurant right on the water.  It was amazing to finally have some really fresh seafood and Maryland crabs!

Made strawberry pancakes and read my book on the front porch.  Summer is finally here!

Went to the Red Onion with Katie and Turner.  I love buying my books and CDs used, it saves so much money!  Also I love the Red Onion because they don't just sell any used book or CD that comes through the door.  They have amazing quality control in their literature and music so you don't have to dig through any crap.

Got frozen yogurt at TangySweet (I recommend the Green Tea Smoothie) and hung out in the shade. It seriously went from winter to summer in one day it was so hot!

Had dinner at my usual favorite restaurant, Sticky Rice.  Seriously if you have not been there you need to go and order a G.I. Jane roll, a Godzirra roll, Sticky Balls, and a bucket of tater tots.

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