Monday, May 4, 2009

Buy Local

I've seen this 3/50 Project on several blogs and think it is a great idea.  The concept is basically to visit three local businesses that you want to support and spend $50 a month there.  In these tough times it is important to support the small mom and pop businesses or as the project's tag line says to save the brick and mortars our nation is built on.

Some local businesses I'll be supporting:
Capitol Hill Books a used bookstore on the hill filled to the brim with books.  
Red Onion Records and Books another used book and music store.  They have a quality selection without being overwhelming.  
Hill's Kitchen is an amazing cooking store with everything you could dream of.  And the owner, Leah is so great at convincing you that you need all of those wonderful cooking gadgets.  Also it is a great justification to shop here and cook at home more.

As well as visiting the local Eastern Market and Dupont Farmers Markets to buy in season produce.

Local First DC is another great resource that is a "network of local business owners, non-profit leaders, and community members who are committed to building a sustainable local economy and preserving the vibrant character that makes Washington DC a unique place to live and visit."

So decide which local businesses you would like to support and start spending.  

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