Monday, May 18, 2009

My Weekend In Pictures

This weekend I headed up to Rehoboth Beach with three of my close girlfriends and it was exactly what the doctor ordered!  It was my first day off work since Christmas and it was amazing to just relax and enjoy the company of good friends.  It was also the perfect way to kick off a fun summer together! 

Margaritas are a must at the beach.  And it was amazing to pay Delaware prices instead of the usual overpriced DC drink!

Boardwalk at night.

Relaxing in the sun. 

Reading a good book.

Ice Cream is another must for a trip to the beach.  I love that it looks like Katie is eating Jasmine's ice cream here.

Best Bakery in Rehoboth.

And the final must for a girls weekend at the beach is shopping.  The outlets are out of control in Rehoboth and with no sales tax, its an even better deal!  As you can tell we splurged just a little.

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