Thursday, May 21, 2009

Street Art

I've always been fascinated by street art.  The process that goes into it and what people get out of it.  I often wonder if there are times I've walked past street art in DC without noticing.  Usually street art is used to make some sort of statement.  And sometimes it is made just to add a little beauty to the landscape or make you stop and think.  2leep has a great post of 10 street art installations along with explanations of the purpose.

Mark Jenkins is a street artist who often has installations in DC as well as internationally.   His stuff is great and I always wonder what I would think if I came across some of his work!

Also LoisInWonderland has a flickr page of DC street murals.  Some of them I recognize, but a lot of them I don't!  And it makes me want to seek some of them out.

It also got me thinking if I were to create street art in DC, where would I do it?  And what kind of message would I try to convey.  This city is already so overrun with political messages, maybe I'd just like to say something about slowing down and enjoying life outside work.  Since we all know how Washingtonians are such workaholics.  I'd love to do something that helped others tap into their own creativity, like my stranger candids project.  But maybe I'm being just a little bit too much of rainbows and sunshine right now.

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