Friday, January 15, 2010

French Music

This week I've been working from home as I recover. And one thing that I love listening to while I work is french music. One of my friends seemed very surprised by this. But to me it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately I do not speak french, so I'm not distracted by the words. They are just like pretty sounds to me. And I just love the mood it creates. This creative fabulous french cafe type mood straight out of a movie. At least thats what I pretend as I listen to it.

One of my favorite french artists (actually she was born in Italy but minor detail) is Carla Bruni. I loved her before she married Nicholas Sarkozy and before she was made popular on the soundtrack of 500 Days of Summer. But that is neither here or there. Her music is just so light and romantic. I especially love the video below and will now imagine whimsical drawings as I walk around my own city.

Another french artist that I love listening to is Charles Trenet. He is like a french Frank Sinatra/Bing Crosby. The big band sounds combined with his rich voice. It just sounds like such beautiful poetry out of a classic movie that I do not understand.

There are a bunch more french artists I listen to, but the last one I'll share is Amelie-les-crayons. I just love the accordion sounds. It feels like I could be walking along the Seine eating a croissant and wearing stripes. I'm cliche I know.

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