Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm Back! I know I disappeared for the week, but it was with good reason. It was this time last week that I woke up feeling fine and healthy. By afternoon I was in excruciating pain and by night I was in the emergency room. I ended up staying in the hospital for a couple days. So crazy how things can change so quickly.

I must say I have the most amazing friends in the world who stepped up instantly to help me with meals and visit me and all that. I was seriously shocked at how much everyone wanted to help. And my family was great in coming up to take care of me for the weekend and calling to check care of me. If nothing else I learned this week 1) Don't take your health for granted 2) appreciate your family and friends because they will be there for you when it counts.

This is sort of my weekend in pictures post I guess. I haven't taken a lot of pictures obviously and still getting my energy back. But here are a few randoms, and yes my friends have already teased me mercilessly that I took photos in the hospital. What can I say its a habit I can't quit.

Machines in my hospital room.

The IV I was so happy to get rid of.

My hospital bed and the morning light coming in on the curtain.

The beautiful flowers my coworkers sent me.

All my medications that make me sick, ugh.

Flowers from my wonderful friends.

Playing Uno on my bed with one of my friends.

I've been playing lots of Uno obviously. Playing Uno again with two of my friends that came over and cooked for me. Hey its an easy mindless fun game!

So thats all for now. I'm working on getting back in the swing of things slowly. So posting will be slower but I'm really excited to finally be back.


  1. Sending you good thoughts for a fast and full recovery!

  2. Thanks Anne!!! I'm getting a little bit better every day!!


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