Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finally a visual way to express my road rage

Everyone who has ridden in the car with me knows I have a tendency to display road rage while driving.  Being a pretty nonaggressive person outside the car, I have no idea what switch gets flipped when I get in the car. I like to blame it on all the crazy Maryland drivers that drive like maniacs on the streets of DC.  And the Virginia drivers that drive like grandparents going under the speed limit and braking at every intersection.  (Full disclosure I used to be one of those Virginia drivers)  

There have been many times when I wished I could tell the drivers why they have pissed me off so much.  Whether it be because they stole my parking space, or cut me off then decided to go 5 mph, or the multi tasker who is doing anything but paying attention to the road.  Now I can finally speak my mind while driving with these 10 double-sided signs that range from "Are you Drunk?" to "I'm so sorry."  Because lets face it, there are a few times when I make a mistake and wish I could tell the driver I realize what I did was stupid.  I'd like to think this could help cut down on my road rage, finally being able to speak my mind.  But it could probably also dangerously encourage it.

{via Swissmiss}

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  1. or you could just ride around with the middle finger one sticking out of your sun roof and solve all your problems.


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