Thursday, February 12, 2009

Smores in the Winter

Chocolate Monster Mel

My favorite thing by far to do during the winter in DC is get smores at Cosi with friends. I know most people in DC think of Cosi as a step down from Panera and on every street corner.  And I wouldn't really disagree, but what gives them an edge in my opinion is their smores.

It is the perfect relaxing activity on a cold night when you just don't feel like going out to a bar or concert. My friends and I usually order smores for 2 or 4 along with tall glasses of cold milk. We then sink into the comfy curved couches and catch up on life.  

DC may be enjoying a little global warming now but by Saturday it is going to be back to cold and possibly snow.  So may I suggest going to get smores, it is the perfect activity for a low key winter night. 

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