Thursday, February 19, 2009

Women Are Heros Project

JR is an undercover photographer who transforms his art into posters, using public street space as his gallery.  His latest project titled "Women Are Heros" is what really got my attention.  JR has spent the past year shooting portraits of victimized women in Africa, South America and Asia.  He is now plastering them all over buildings, trains, buses in post-conflicting zones where he wishes to share these women's stories.  

What really touches me is that he is using his art and talent in such a unique way to impact change and help the lives of others.  I also love that his photographs aren't all heavy and serious but many of the women in the portraits are having fun despite their tough circumstances.

It also started me thinking about what if he started a similar campaign here in DC.  What better city than DC, full of politically minded citizens and our nation's decision makers.  While walking to the metro through capitol hill this morning, I started visualizing these posters on sides of buildings or buses.  I'm not gonna lie it looked very cool in my mind.  While the logistics and building codes may be too tough to get around, I can still dream about using art to make a difference in our city can't I?     

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