Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Morning Metro Thoughts

Going to the same Metro stops every day at around the same time, I always wonder how many people do I cross paths with on a regular basis but don't even know it.  One day last year I rode in the same Metro car with a guy both to and from work.  I thought it was funny that we had chosen the same exact car both times and had gone to work and home at exactly the same time.  With trains coming and going every few minutes I thought this was quite a coincidence.  

For a while there was a blind man that I started to notice on a regular basis.  He rode the same train to work with me, after a while I realized he worked in the same building as me, I even saw him at the grocery store a few times.  He honestly amazed me at how well he could get around a busy city that he couldn't see.  And he had no idea I recognized him as a familiar face.

But it leads me to wonder how many other people do I encounter on a regular basis that I don't even realize or recognize.  Our lives constantly intersect at restaurants, grocery stores and on the street with so many people.  We are probably even living similar lives to other people we encounter but don't know.  Going to the same favorite bars and restaurants, relaxing at the same park, taking the same route to work.  It reminds me to look around a little more and make an effort to smile at those familiar strangers.

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