Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day: Not Just for Hallmark

It is just about that time of year again.  The holiday that is both loved and despised by many.  Valentines Day.

I honestly really like Valentines Day.  There I said it.  But not for the consumer hallmark reasons.  Being a fan of celebrating holidays in general, I just love a holiday that gives you an excuse to show people what they mean to you.  To give cute little trinkets or do something nice for a loved one or even a friend.  

I can't really get behind the idea of an extravagant night out though.  To me it is more about doing thoughtful little touches and just doing something you don't normally do during the year.  Whether it is having a picnic on the floor, making smores with a candle or building a fort to cuddle under.  Showing someone they are special is what it is really about.  Besides I am more of a tulip girl than roses girl. (This comment was an obvious hint to a certain someone :) )

So I thought I would compile a helpful list of ideas for Valentines Day.  So maybe if you couldn't get behind the hallmark holiday before, you can get behind the inexpensive and thoughtful side of Valentines Day.

Little Brown Pen was able to celebrate Valentines Day for under $20 in 2001 when her and her husband were broke and just starting out.

Design Sponge creates a Valentines kit that you can bring anywhere to celebrate your love

Joanna Goddard over at Smitten has a few cute ideas of how to slow down and just enjoy each other's company.

Even Cleveland has adorable and delicious caterpillar pancakes to make for breakfast.

Frolic suggests a few romantic comedies if you want to stay in for the night.

Creature Comforts offers free printable valentine tea bag wrappers 

Bunnehmunches created a jar full of cut out "I Love You More Than" quotes for her boyfriend's birthday but I think this would be a great Valentines Gift.

Twig and Thistle has templates for Do It Yourself brownie bags and pie boxes for the special one in your life with a sweet tooth.

Inchmark has instructions on how to create little valentines matchboxes filled with candy.  Great for passing out to friends.

Color Me Katie built a tent with her boyfriend in their living room.  They then drank hot chocolate and watched movies.  While this wasn't for Valentines Day I love this idea for a night in.

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  1. Hello, thanks for the heads up (for the cut out I Love You More Than Blank ideas). Hoping for a day full of loveliness to you!


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