Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simple pleasures for winter doldroms

My block covered in snow

It is about that time of year again when the winter doldrums set in.  It has been cold for a while and I'm very much over bundling up in the now not so latest winter fashions.  I find it is easy to get down this time of year, there is not much else about winter to look forward to.  Yet spring still seems so far away.  So I have to look to simple little pleasures to keep me going until the big thaw.  Below is a list of little things that help lift my spirits or give me something to look forward to.  Hope it helps to brighten this extremely windy day!  Feel free to share your own simple pleasures in the comments. 

-fresh baked cookies with milk
-trying a new recipe (especially if it is successful)
-big comfy sweatshirts
-feeling clean right out of a shower
-getting lost in a great book
-smores at Cosi with friends
-capturing a great photograph
-walking through the city by myself while listening to my ipod
-playing the piano
-flipping through graphic design books at the Borders on 14th (which has a better selection than the Barnes and Noble on 12th)
-trying a new restaurant
-making my nephew laugh
-a new 30 Rock episode
-exploring a different part of the city

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