Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Blog Crush: Design Dust

I have a blog crush on Design Dust, a creative blog that I just stumbled upon today. Below I've compiled a taste of a few things I really enjoyed.

It looks like this would be a fun place to work and collaborate.

I want to have a soda shop party just for the fun of it. Look at all those colors and labels!

I've seen pretty masking tape around the web and it makes me swoon. All the wonderful colors and patterns, I could tape the world into happiness. That must be why they call it Happy Tape.

With the limited cabinet space in my tiny apartment, this bowl and measuring cup combo would be ideal. Also a great gift idea for new college grads, basically everything you need in a kitchen to start out!

I mean if you have to keep a fire extinguisher out, you might as well make it pretty.

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