Friday, July 24, 2009

Pottery Barn Catalog

Ever since I've been tight on cash I've cut myself off from home decor items.  I figured I had gotten my apartment to a good place that it felt homey enough without having to spend more money.  Of course there is still plenty I could buy to make it nicer, but in this economic climate I just can't justify it.  

So of course it was a big mistake to open the Pottery Barn catalog that I usually chuck straight in the trash to avoid temptation.  Instantly there were so many things I just needed.  I must say I was surprised that Pottery Barn had a few nice pieces of wall art that are reasonable.  Below are a few items and decorating concepts I fell in love with.

These etched monogramed glass jars sitting on the shelves are great.  I don't even think Pottery Barn sells them, but I love the idea for chic organization.  Also I've always been a fan of the globe lights.  I had talked to my sister about hanging several of them in a cluster in place of a chandelier in their dining room.  And while the consensus was it wouldn't work in that room, I still really like the concept of it.

I want a clothes pin collage like this above my bed or desk.

These charcoal sketches on stretched canvas would be a great accent in most rooms and is only $79 and $99.

This metal patchwork sign has great patterns and glimpses of typography.  

These typewriter prints are so great and would match almost anything.  Each print is a 12x12 square and they come in a set of 6 for $99.  You can easily group them together or break them up.  I'm tight on cash, but $99 for 6 pieces of wall art, I'm beyond tempted.

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