Monday, July 20, 2009

My Weekend in Pictures (Sort Of)

(Brightest Young Things Pool Party)

How is it already Monday again!  I swear we just did this.  Anyways my weekend in pictures is going to be a little different this week.  To be honest, basically because I was awful about taking photographs.  So instead I'm just going to tell you about two things I did this weekend that I LOVED.

First, 500 Days of Summer.  You must go see this movie.  I went with Turner and he also enjoyed it.  Which is a rare quality when both the girl and guy walk out of a romantic comedy movie pleased.  

I loved it for Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who was equally adorable in 10 Things I Hate About you, but for some reason has yet to make it big).  I loved the movie for its non-chronological order, jumping around different moments sad and happy.  Which is more of how we remember our relationships than in a series of perfectly ordered events.  I loved it because it had a very real that's so true, both funny and sad feel to it.  And I loved it for it's soundtrack, oh it's wonderful soundtrack.  Though I can't lie, I sometimes get annoyed when my favorite obscure songs get exposed to the world to become well-known hip tunes.  I can let it slide with this movie.

Secondly, Brightest Young Things Pool Party.  If you live in DC you have to check out this event happening every Saturday at the Capitol Skyline Pool.  Brightest Young Things, a hipster blog, puts on a pool party with a summer camp theme every week.  Tons of floats, DJs, games and plenty of alcohol and food.  It is $10 to get in and runs from noon to 8 pm.  You have to get there early though if you want prime seating.  

I feel like it is a scene straight out of LA, but with Hill workers, lobbyists, and lawyers instead of the Hollywood crowd.  Oh and some more incredibly hip edgy people that I have no idea what their day job could possibly be. Basically it comes down to this: they have a great sound system with good music and reasonably priced alcohol that you can drink while floating in the pool.  So pretty much the life.  

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