Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Happy Monday Afternoon.  Only four more days until the next weekend.  This past weekend was pretty low-key.  Which was nice after my whirlwind July 4th weekend.  Some things didn't go as planned, like the break in.  But I think I still had an overall enjoyable and relaxing weekend, despite circumstances.

Went to Jazz in the Gardens Friday evening with friends.  This is the perfect after work activity of picnicking, drinking sangria, and listening to jazz music.  Unfortunately it was BEYOND packed, which made it not quite as enjoyable.  

Went for a bike ride along the Anacostia in Southwest DC.  I seriously hadn't been on a bike in 10 years, but once I got comfortable it was kind of nice!  

The dock along the Anacostia.  This was our halfway point break.

Indulged in my favorite, Ranier Cherries.  They are always so pricey but thought I would treat myself.  No only are they gorgeous but so yummy too.

Practiced Bocce Ball for our upcoming Bocce Ball league.  We figured we should play on the actual courts using the real rules at least once.

Colorful Bocce Balls.

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