Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moo Printing

I was having lunch today with another graphic designer when she pulled out her business cards and said choose one.  I was caught off guard and confused for a second until I saw her with about twenty or so cards fanned out, all with different pictures on them.  I was absolutely amazed.  I've seen some cool graphic designer business cards before, but never had I seen so many designs of the same card! 

So as it turns out the printing company she used is called Moo and they print all kinds of business cards and greeting cards using variable data.  You can basically print up to 50 different images on your cards, making each one a mini piece of art.  It is a great way to show samples of your work whether it be photography, illustration, or jewelry.  She also made a good point that by giving her card out and letting the person choose a design, diffuses the awkwardness of forcing your card on somebody and offers a great conversation starter.

Also if you aren't a designer or artist, but still want cool unique cards you can choose from their ready made gallery.  Heck even I was tempted to order something from their gallery just because they had so many great options!  Below are a few of my favorites.

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