Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gorgeous Engagement Pictures

These engagement photographs have definitely made their rounds about the blogosphere this week, and you can see why.  Joanna Goddard shared her gorgeous engagement photographs earlier this week with her readers at A Cup of Jo and since then I've seen many posts about them. 

But I can't help but also share them as they are way too adorable.  It makes me want to grab a balloon and take some candid photographs just for fun.  You can find more of these picture's at Joanna's blog and on the photographer, Max Wanger's website.  Enjoy!


  1. ooooooooooh one of the closest rivals i've ever seen to Christopher Record (my future wedding photog!) http://www.christopherrecord.com/

  2. I would say Jenny Ebert who did my sister's wedding is also a close rival to the fun candid look. http://jennyebertstudio.com/


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