Thursday, June 25, 2009

Decorating Your Home

This weekend I am finally moving into my adorable apartment with a fireplace, cherry hardwood floors, and rustic white kitchen cabinets. I am most excited about redecorating. My style can be described by the name of my of my favorite magazine real simple. I am a minimalist and I like clean lines.

Since I have two accents walls that are a rustic red, I have picked a subtle color scheme consisting of light blue, yellow and beige. These four swatches are perfect (minus the butterflies!)

In college my roommate and I by default had cubes as our coffee tables. We used to joke about how they acted as our coffee tables, kitchen table, and since they were hallow with a lid, even a closet to stores sleeping bags. Their mobility sold me and now I can't stand the idea of having one large table cluttering my living room. These two can be found at Pottery Barn

Since I am on a limited budget and cannot afford numerous pieces of artwork, Starbucks gave me the idea to just blow up a photo, put it behind matting, and lay it against the wall resting on a ledge.

For my bedroom my inspiration is shabby-chic Anthropology style. I love this mirror as a contrast to my walls which will match the color of these knobs on my white furniture.

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