Friday, June 19, 2009

Shopping for Vacation

Shopping for vacation is always a love hate thing for me.  Of course you always need something before you leave and it is fun to have new clothes to wear.  But you don't want to go overboard since you want to have spending money for your travels.   So below are a few versatile essentials that I've purchased for my vacation.


This tote is absolutely perfect for a vacation and when I got it in the mail I fell in love all over again.  What I love most about it is that you can wear it over your shoulder or across your chest.  Which is perfect for traveling in case you rent a bike or are walking around a lot.  It is also a great size to throw in a beach towel, but not too big you feel like you are carrying around luggage.  As an added bonus it has two different prints, so it looks like you packed multiple bags instead of just one!


Since I don't have much room to pack, I wanted a nice shoe that I could dress up or down.  These black slingback flats are absolutely perfect.  Being a mix between a sandal and a flat I can wear them with shorts during the day or dresses at night.


Surprisingly I had the hardest time finding a beach/pool coverup.  My requirements were that it had to be pretty cheap and that it wouldn't be too skimpy so that it could function as a dress when need be.  Also while not a requirement, I did want it to have similar straps to my bathing suit so that if I were out in the sun I could still get good tan lines.  

Maybe those are tough requirements, because I went from store to store to store.  One of my friends finally suggested I look at Old Navy.  I was honestly skeptical, but they ended up having exactly what I was looking for!  While they aren't anything super fashion forward, they are comfy and do the job.  And for $15 a dress, I was able to get several colors to match my bathing suits and I didn't even break the bank!  (If I had the money I would have gotten this coverup, but for once I held back)

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