Monday, June 29, 2009

My Week in Photos: Bermuda

I'm still sorting through the thousands of photographs I took while on my vacation.  Bermuda was gorgeous, probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.  And the water truly does look as stunning in various shades of turquoise as in the pictures.  Unfortunately we experienced several rainy days but nonetheless it was gorgeous and a great time.  Below are a few pictures from my trip.

The town of St. George's where we docked.

The cute and historical town of St. George's.

The island was covered in beautiful greenery and flowers.

Tobacco Bay, probably my favorite part about Bermuda.  We swam in this protected bay and it was like a huge natural swimming pool.

Tobacco Bay.

Enjoying the views from the cliff overlooking Tobacco Bay.

Our cruise ship the Norwegian Majesty.

Our port in St. George's.

I think this is an Angel Fish, though I'm not sure.  One just like this kept head butting me in the water when we went snorkeling.  I did not like being head butted by a fish over and over again.  But I did like snorkeling.

Again the crazy beautiful water.

There are tons of these little bays on the island filled with boats.

Sunset on the boat.

Enjoying a beer on the boat.

A pretty amazing view for laying out in the sun.

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