Monday, June 8, 2009

My Weekend in Pictures

Good Evening! I'm obviously running a little bit late today with my weekend roundup. This weekend was luckily a little slower paced as it was my first weekend back in the city in like a month. So it was nice to mainly relax and run errands.

After spending all day cleaning my apartment I treated myself to an iced coffee and a photo walk around Eastern Market. Living only a few blocks from the market I don't know why I don't take advantage of it more!

Checked out the new H Street Country Club with friends. I can say it is living up to its hype as it was a great time! And I also must say I highly recommend the Lime and Guava Margarita!

We played many rounds of skee-ball. Fifty cents a game is fairly reasonable I think and it was fun to compete against each other and cheer each other on.

We all played a round of mini golf since we had to try out the supposedly super difficult course. And where else can you drink and play mini golf at the same time? I must say the course was as difficult as they say. This was probably the hardest hole that I gave up and took a 6 on.

A quick stop at the Rock N' Roll hotel. Always a must when going out on H Street.

Made strawberry and blueberry pancakes. I've never tried both berries in one pancake before, but I must say it was pretty good! I tried to make this one look like an american flag...slight fail.

Went to the national zoo. After living in DC for two years I can't believe this is the first time I've been! I loved the Cheetahs, so beautiful!

And of course the pandas are always entertaining!

I finished off my weekend with a picnic and bible study on the mall with a few girlfriends. Its nice to see that the grass has finally grown back after the hit it took during Inauguration.

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