Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspiration DC Takes a Vaca!

Good Monday Morning! As earlier mentioned, Inspiration DC is on a fabulous tropical vacation so I am here filling in. I am a press secretary on the hill so I don't have an artistic background but I wanted to share what inspires me on a daily basis to wake up at an ungodly hour, drag my butt to work and what gets me through the day.

The most influential 'DC Inspiration' for me is the U.S. Capitol. I regret that it is a rather unoriginal/cheesy cliche, but it is the truth. It provides inspiration at random times and seems to satisfy me in various situations. I love architecture, so when Inspiration DC asked me the one thing that inspires me, it was inevitably a building in D.C. The massive Capitol demands the attention of tourist, lawmakers, and every camera that scans the city for picture-perfect shots.

After living in D.C. for two years, it has never failed to stop me in my tracks when I'm walking across the street and it glimmers in the dusk, when I'm walking down East Capital and the light at the top of the dome is on indicating that lawmakers are still on the floor debating policy at 11 p.m. (which is when this photo was taken from my blackberry) or the incredible view I enjoy for 30 minutes as I run down the national mall. Nothing is more therapeutic for me after a long/bad day, than sitting on the base of the Washington monument and staring at the Capitol lit up. All day long, 535 members and staff buzz around the grounds, all assuming they have the answer to solve our nation's crises, and when I watch from the outside, it's as though I take a step outside of my own life, the voices are hushes, and all the controversary seems to be contained inside that building. Surrounded by the flags of the Washington Monument , I am reminded that in the bigger picture, we are all, in fact, on the same side.

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