Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm in love with a Jade nailpolish

I am in serious love with this Chanel Jade nail polish.  And I honestly am not one to go out on a limb with nail polish colors.  I usually stick to my crimson berry red in the winter and my coral in the summer.  But I think I could make room for this beautiful green blue shade.  From all the hype it is getting, I would venture to say this polish could possibly be this season's gray and navy.  I also think it is a very finicky color that needs to be just the right shade.  I'm nervous other knock offs might not pull off the color as well, but I'm confident that Chanel will do it up right.  But don't get too excited, you still have four months until you can lacquer your nails up with Chanel's limited-edition color.  

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