Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blank Walls

Four months after moving into my new apartment, I still have several blank walls.  I just can't decide what to put up.  I love the ideas below of doing framed art collages.  It makes narrowing down a little easier.

Photographer: Jim McHugh Designer: Kevin Corn
This one would be a great use of old vintage photographs from my grandparents.  Or if I wanted to start taking panoramic shots and displaying them. 
Photographer: Jim McHugh Designer: Kevin Corn
I've always wanted to do the picture ledges I see in the catalogs of Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel.  I love that there are so many pictures on these ledges of all shapes and sizes.  You could easily refresh the look too by moving everything around every month.

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do with all the photographs I take.  This is a perfect way display them.  Especially if I wanted to eventually do something with the best of my 365 project.  And the glass clip frames are pretty economical.  You could also create different series and switch out the photographs every couple month.

Usually door frames always pose a problem for me with hanging artwork.  It can be very difficult to find the perfect size pictures that fit in between the door frame and the wall.  And even if you do, sometimes it just looks awkward hanging there by itself.  I love this idea of hugging a bunch of pictures up around the border of the door.  Especially since the blacks offset each other.

There is a vendor at Eastern Market that sells boxes and boxes of vintage maps.  They are so beautiful and I always want to buy one, but never was sure what I would do with one lone map.  I love this look of using several old maps to create a series and am very tempted to make another visit down to the market.

This is another example of framed photographs hugged up between the wall and door frame.  I am a fan of the pattern behind, which gives the photographs a little more power and punch.


  1. just found your blog...great stuff! i live in dc and will definitely be reading often.

    i love wall art. i want my (future) apartment's walls to be covered in beautiful things.

  2. Thank you VeggieVixen! I just started this blog a few months ago, so I am still slowly creating a tone and identity for it. But so far it has been a lot of fun to share my inspirations and I hope you will continue checking back as I develop my blog!


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