Monday, March 9, 2009

My Weekend in Photos

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a good weekend and took advantage of some of the warm weather!

I went to my favorite salad place, Chop't.  I love their light fixture which is the shape of the tool they use to perfectly chop up all their salads.  So delicious.

Spent some time at my friends place where their photographic cat always keeps watch at the window.

Went to Baltimore where we watched the UMD game and went to an IMAX movie.

Took a trip to Petsmart where I bought Max a new toy.  Hopefully this will keep him from chewing up any more of my shoes.

I was finally able to open the windows, air out the place and do some spring cleaning.

Baked super delicious coconut chocolate chip cookies.

Went to Lincoln Park with Turner and Max where we laid out on a blanket and read.

I finished off my weekend by eating dinner on the steps of the Portrait Gallery with my friend.  I'm hoping this beautiful weather is here to stay so I can continue having amazing weekends like this one.

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