Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Weekend in Pictures

So I admit it, I completely dropped the ball yesterday with my annual photographs of my weekend post.  I blame it on the fact that I worked a 6 day week and had an insane Monday.  Because I had a very short weekend, I'm doing just glimpses of little things.  Besides, I honestly didn't do much more than relax and try to keep warm from the cold.

Molly wanting in from the cold.

Leftover wine after I watched Bottle Shock with Turner.  Which on a side note was a really great movie.

I went to a craft show in Baltimore with Turner on Sunday.  While I didn't get any pictures at the show, I took a few shots on the drive there.

My converses after trudging through the snow to get Sticky Rice.  Eating Sticky Rice every weekend is starting to become a trend.  I tell you it really is that good!

Max and Molly loved playing together in the snow.  They took a break here to eat it.  Then again Max eats everything.  And I mean everything.

Right when the snow started on Sunday night.

A perfect winter scene of wet boots at the door while the dogs play outside.

I love waking up to snow!

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