Friday, November 20, 2009

Anthropologie Home Decor

Full disclosure I probably visit the Anthropologie website on a daily basis. Maybe more than that. But its not too often that I make it over to the home section. Don't get me wrong I love their home decor and the whole eclectic look they have going on. Its just that my wallet is usually hurting by the time I get done with the clothes section I can't go any further.

This past week when I made one of my rare visits over to the home decor section and was totally surprised and delighted. Since the last time I had browsed through their home knick-knacks, they had seriously expanded their line. I've always loved their eclectic look in the store, but they never offered half the stuff you would see in their sets and catalogs. But now all of a sudden the vintage random artistic look is more within reach with all kinds of beautiful random vases and statues and such. A lot of it is still well out of reach of my decorating budget. But at least it offers little bit more inspiration and something else for me to dream about.

(look at the hanging lights and random collage of mirrors!)

Small Swirled Glue Bowls (perfect for an art table, candy dish, or key holder)

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