Thursday, November 5, 2009

Style Icon: Glee's Emma Pillsbury

I was a slow convert to Glee, not jumping in until about the 6th episode, but now I'm completely hooked. Could have something to do with my secret love for High School Musical (though I still maintain I never liked the sequels....or um never even saw them) or the fact that I love their quick dry humor. And it could also be that I love the amazing style of guidance Counseler, Emma Pillsubry. It is a total mix of J.Crew and anthropologie, modern bright colors and classic vintage style. Basically everything I aspire to in my own wardrobe. She is great at wearing a whole outfit that is comprised of different shades of the same color. She is queen of the pencil skirt and cardigan.

I mean the singing, and dancing, and comedy is great, but what I really love is seeing what Emma is going to wear next. And usually I can pick out pieces that were in Anthropology or J.Crew's last line, which always makes me happy. She is a total style icon. An inspiration for all of us working ladies who want to look classy and professional with a little bit of flair.

I scoured the internet and pulled as many pictures as I could find of Emma's wardrobe below. Because it was all too much for one post I am going to do separate posts on items you can buy to copy Emma's style. So be looking for more Emma Pillsbury inspired style over the next few days.

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